We appreciate the need in business today for agility, flexibility and scalability with everything 'as a Service'. The need and use of an Interim is increasing. This is why we are introducing our CIO/CTO on Demand service.

This service can provide you a CIO/CTO to fit your current requirements. Providing more flexibilty than a standard Interim service, if you need someone for 5 days a week or just a few days a week we can help. We can also offer a *prepaid service allowing you to pay for a certain amount of hours which you can call on as and when required.

This service can not only provide you with someone who fills an empty position but can also provide a valuable backup/reinforcement to work alongside your own CIO/CTO when necessary.

Key Benefits

  • On Demand Service
  • Pay for small amounts of time as required
  • On-site or remote availability
  • Impartial opinion
  • Can be a long term trusted adviser
  • Access to expert business analysis resources
  • Reduced liabilities for your business

All of our services are guaranteed to provide solid independent advice, guidance and knowledge while maintaining absolute confidentiality about your business.

If you just however need a vendor agnostic trusted adviser and solutions provider we can help.

Please contact us for further details.

Team Performance Coaching

A new coaching methodology which raises a team’s performance through transformational work with leaders, teams and organisational culture to achieve a common strategic goal

Who will benefit from it?

Senior management bringing together a new team and teams going through organisational change.

Delivered by ICF Accredited coaches

For details email coaching@moderneventstech.com

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