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Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions can be delivered as a fully managed service or as a self-service platform. Both methods can help enterprises take advantage of the speed and flexibility of the Cloud, without sacrificing functionality

Self Service Cloud

Our Self-Service Cloud Services provide a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform designed to support simple, fast application building and scaling.

Managed Cloud

As a fully-managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, our Managed Cloud Services are designed to support applications with predetermined network demands, which require infrequent changes.

Cloud Onboarding and Migration

Our Self-Service Cloud combines the scalability and rapid provisioning of cloud computing with enterprise-class architectures, making it an ideal solution for deploying cloud-based applications and business models. The platform better positions organizations to decrease space, power and cooling expenses, while augmenting agility—all on a pay-as-you-go billing model.

When planning a cloud migration, the perceived complexity, alongside potentially tight deadlines and downtime concerns, can be daunting. We help ease the transition by building-in self-service onboarding resources and providing two optional, add-on onboarding services, which support expedited time-to-value and enhanced simplicity by allowing customers to engage with cloud migration experts.

Cloud Vault

Most enterprises have a continuous need to replicate production data due to security, testing, analytics or compliance demands. Cloud Vault is designed to solve these challenges by offering advanced, on-premises data protection and a replication target at highly available, Tier 3 data centers.

To accommodate the diverse storage and replication needs of modern enterprises, Cloud Vault customers have the on-site option of leveraging EMC’s Data Domain or Actifio. Both Data Domain and Actifio seek to enhance backup, archiving and disaster recovery capabilities by providing high-speed, inline deduplication without increased burden on IT resources. Yet on-site, single-location data storage alone may not meet the compliance or business requirements of many enterprises today; many regulatory standards require contingent solutions for data resiliency.

Designed to provide enterprises with a secure, highly available, replication target, Cloud Vault is often a crucial addition to an enterprise data protection and replication strategy. Addressing growing storage and data replication requirements can often directly conflict with IT teams’ need to restrain capital expenditure costs (CapEx). Cloud Vault’s pay-as-you-go model can allow enterprises to mitigate CapEx increases in lieu of OpEx elements, while benefiting from a dependable, scalable storage and data replication solution.

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